Tuesday, 3 April 2007

CIC Green Event Destination Best Practices

In 2003 the Convention Industry Council's Green Meetings Task Force was charged with creating minimum best practices for event organisers and suppliers to use as guidelines for implementing sustainability. As part of this process the Task Force proposed environmental practices for convention and visitor bureaus/destination management companies seeking to address sustainability.

These guidelines include the following minimum and strongly recommended practices.

Minimum Best Practices:
  • Establish detailed environmental policies and a strategy to implement them. Consistently communicate the policies in various ways to engage all employees, clients, members and visitors.
  • Survey the city's event venues, hotels, transportation providers, event suppliers and local government departments to discover the environmental programs/services they offer or have undertaken (i.e. energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, etc.)
  • Compile the information in a database of suppliers of 'green' programs.
  • Make staff aware of these suppliers' efforts.
  • Use the information to help event organisers make their supplier selections.
  • Use the information to recommend hotels and venues with environmental management practices, and/or those that minimise travel by being centrally located or on public transit routes.
  • Establish a purchasing policy to buy environmentally responsible products, including EnergyStar equipment, remanufactured toner cartridges, post-consumer recycled content paper, and recyclable plastics.

Strongly Recommended Best Practices:
  • Have maps of walking trails and local parks available and be ready to suggest off-site events and tours that involve event attendees in the area's natural environment with minimum impact.
These guidelines are now 4 years old. Do they still define best practices for destination managers and convention and visitor bureaus? Has the bar of practice been raised? What innovations have been made?

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