Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A Radical Suggestion?

In 2003 the Canadian Medical Association put Canadian cities on notice that those which fail to ban smoking in indoor public places will be banned from seeking CMA’s convention business. Butt Out or Lose our business, CMA Tells Cities

In June 2004 the Canadian Nurses Association followed suit, requiring 100% smoke free indoor venues for host cities of future CNA events. (Annual Meeting Resolution 2004).

Both moves were sparked as an express commitment for these organizations to put their money where their mouth is – by supporting municipalities who support public health for all Canadians.

Resolutions by these agencies were somewhat controversial and radical at the time, but also ultimately transformational. Smoke-free cities are becoming mainstream practice across the country, with all Canadians able to breathe a little easier as a result of the efforts of CMA and CNA.

What were to happen if these agencies took similar action to broadly support green event cities? What kind of resolution might be formulated by medical associations seeking to meet in ‘healthy’ cities? What would be required? What would be optional? Some ideas…..
  • Municipal plans to ensure the maintenance and improvement of water and air quality.
  • Smoke-free public places.
  • “Get active” initiatives to encourage physical fitness.
  • Buy local and organic initiatives.
  • Accessible and convenient public transit.

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