Thursday, 13 December 2007

BS 8901 Green Event Standard Launched

The long-awaited BSI Sustainable Event Management System has arrived.

According to the certification web site:

BS 8901 provides requirements for planning and managing sustainable events of all sizes and types.
BS 8901 encompasses the entire range of events ranging from large scale conferences and unique events such as the 2012 Olympics to music festivals and air shows. The standard is applicable throughout the sector supply chain encompassing venues, organizing companies and industry contracting firms and is aimed at the following groups:

  • Event organizers
  • Venues
  • Organizations and/or individuals in the supply chain.

BS 8901 provides guidance in the form of easy to understand practical information designed to assist the user to implement the requirements and those in event management to manage their environmental, financial and social risks and impacts spanning all aspects of event management.
BS 8901 will:

  • Help companies to improve sustainable performance within available budgets
  • Reduce carbon emissions and waste, improving the resource efficiency of the entire event supply chain
  • Present opportunities for more efficient planning and encourage the re-use of equipment and infrastructure. The standard covers:
  • Reduce environmental impacts such as carbon usage, waste management and effects on biodiversity
  • Improve social impacts such as community involvement and fair employment
  • Establish economic impacts such as local investment and long-term viability
Case studies of the standard can be found here.

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Wayne Conners said...

I am a newly-hired Director of Professional Development for a professional association and part of my job is planning and implementing our annual conference (1000 attendees, 160 exhibits). While surfing for information about how I can make this event greener, I found your blog. Thanks for the great info and the work you're doing. Keep it up!