Thursday, 13 December 2007

Shuttlecocks...'n Stuff

We have adopted the idea - particularly in the tradeshow field - that our delegate experience is tied to 'stuff'....bags, food, prizes, handouts, gimmicks, free pens, water bottles, sunglasses, in-room amenities. The list goes on. My recent favourite? A shuttlecock I received at a speed networking session. I don't even own a badminton racket.

A few years ago I rifled through two bags - two very full non-recycled content bags - of 'stuff' that returned to my house from E3, the annual computer and video game industry trade show. Inside the bag was the typical amount of paper and collateral - all glossy, full colour, no noted recycled content paper - along with a bunch of, well, junk: silly putty, Laura Croft desk figures, a Mario hammer and numerous other things that are sitting in a storage locker collecting dust in the basement of my condominium.

I recently attended a PCMA Green Meetings seminar in Ottawa where Genevi̬ve Leclerc, Manager Congress Operations - PCO division - JPdL РMontr̩al reported on how a she was able to reduce waste at a recent event to 9 ounces per person. The equivalent of 9 Smarties.

How was she able to do it?

Yes, she was able to find a destination and meeting suppliers who were able to recycle and compost waste materials that were produced at her event. But more importantly she paid attention to each opportunity in her decision making process that reduced what her delegates consumed.

What are you doing to reduce the stuff we use?

The Story of Stuff

Think about it. Do your part.

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