Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wattzon? Wattzoff!

So it's year end and in typical fashion I'm looking back over the year and feeling decidedly guilty about my carbon footprint. I'm not sure if anyone has tried this online tool, but I did yesterday and found out - again - that I am living well beyond what is my fair share of energy to consume (thanks to Paul Salinger for the link to this).

Check out, compare and manage your energy footprint at Wattzon.

I like the tool because not only does it show me what my energy footprint is, but it shows me the decision-points where I can change my behavior permanently to reduce it.

My biggest energy sink is of course the flights I take. I'm trying hard to reduce this by:
  • Consolidating my trips
  • Scheduling trips in batches to avoid making multiple ones
  • Being efficient in site-visits to make one rather than many, and
  • Taking most direct routings

Sadly, though, my energy consumption is still much higher than I would like. I know this question is always a tough one for our industry, but any proactive and positive approaches others are taking to make better air travel decisions?

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