Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The "Other" Green Cities

Grist Magazine recently completed a series on cities that are striving to be greener, although they might not be the first cities to come to mind. Read more on the 'smartish' destinations they feel are making unexpected progress in the drive to be more sustainable.

You can also read more about Grist's Top 15 Green Cities.

And in honour of the winning city, a video from those who call it home:

Destination Marketing Twist on Environment Day

As the host of Environment Day 2008 Tourism New Zealand has produced a brief video outlining how they feel they are working to epitomise the pure, green image their destination is known for worldwide. I'll let you be the judge....

Destination Guardians

VideoAd by Mixpo

Recently took a virtual trip to New Zealand to discover Tourism New Zealand is taking some active measures to address sustainability and also use these measures to entice visitation to the country. Embedding some samples here for others to enjoy, reflect on and critique....

Bang Discovers Kaitiakitanga