Friday, 20 February 2009

Denver CVB Launches Carbon Calculator for Events

Visit Denver has become the latest CVB to offer a carbon calculator to meeting planners choosing the city as the host of their event programs. The calculator tabulates general conference information, data about attendee, organiser and supplier travel as well as waste. The calculator reports out emissions from each type of activity and provides a mechanism to offset the event footprint through the Colorado Carbon Fund.

Visit Denver is not the first CVB to 'go green' by providing a carbon offset partnership. Tourism Whistler launched a similar program in 2008 called Whistler EcoPath, which allows travelers to the ski resort to offset their trip.

Although offsetting is one way for planners and travelers to be accountable for those emissions they cannot avoid CVB's are also encouraged to present solutions that lead to actual emissions reductions. The Denver CVB is doing this through their green meetings micro site.

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