Thursday, 23 April 2009

Trash Challenge: A 10% Solution

The Green Meeting Industry Council has launched its 2009 Trash Challenge. The task? For the meetings industry to reduce its waste to landfill by 1 million tons. Sounds like a mountain, doesn't it?

Well, consider this: the GMIC estimates meetings in the USA produce 10.5 million tons of trash per year. If each of us recycled just 10% more, or reduced what we use at our meetings by 10% we could be there.

My commitment to the challenge is to find a 10% solution for each of the events I'm involved in. This will involve establishing the baseline measurements for each event and taking steps to reduce this baseline by 10%, through materials reduction and improved recycling.

I challenge all of you to engage the events being hosted in your destinations to embrace this challenge. For more information and to sign up to participate visit the GMIC Trash Challenge web site.

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