Monday, 24 August 2009

Charter Cities: Radical New Ideas for Better Cities?

Stanford economist Paul Romer believes in the power of ideas. He first studied how to speed up the discovery and implementation of new technologies. But to address the big problems we'll face this century -- insecurity, harm to the environment, global poverty -- new technologies will not be enough. We must also speed up the discovery and implementation of new rules, of new ideas about how people interact.

Throughout human history, big improvements in systems of rules took place when new governments entered the scene. In today's world, this process has been largely shut down. To bring it back to life, Romer proposes that we create new cities where people can go to escape from bad rules and opt in to new and better ones. With better rules, people can be safe, self-interest can protect the environment, and investment can bring families all the resources that the modern world has to offer.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Green Meeting Standards - Have your Say!

The complete draft of the APEX Green Meeting and Event Standards were launched yesterday including specifications in 9 different areas of meeting management, including destinations. This is YOUR opportunity to weigh in - so go online, give your feedback!

The registration site for the City Discussion Groups is up, and three in Atlanta, Denver and Baltimore are accepting registrations. We expect San Antonio to be up soon and others to follow shortly thereafter as dates/locations are confirmed. This link below will take you directly to the registration site.

Also, the Word Press Blog is up and ready to accept your comments online.

For those of you who are ASTM members the standards were posted there as well. This comment period is open for 30 days (ending September 11, 2009).