Friday, 22 January 2010

Green Games? Green City?

In less than one month my hometown is going to be hosting a little party: the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. It’s been an interesting journey since 2003 when it was announced we would host the games. Notice I use the word ‘we’: I realize I’m starting to get excited and take ownership of something I was frankly skeptical about.

As a resident and tax payer I will confess I am concerned about the impact. As an event professional I’m also curious to watch my city, province and country respond to hosting a mega-event of global significance.

As someone who practices event sustainability I’ve been mining the event for evidence of this theme, sustainability being one of the three pillars of the Olympic movement. What stories are out there that show destination sustainability in action? How is this event catalyzing improvements in environmental and socially responsible practices in Vancouver, and its surrounding communities? What lessons can be learned by other destinations, and other events?

In the coming weeks I hope to share some examples in answer to these questions above.

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