Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sustainable Meetings, Copenhagen Style

Meetings and conferences CAN be a catalyst for improving sustainability. Check out how much so at Less Conversation, More Action. Learn how COP 15 helped transform its host city by reading the COP 15 Sustainable Event Report and the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol.

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michael said...

wow. Thanks, Shawna.
*insert adorable bashful blush here*

By way of update, I'm pleased to report that the CSMP concept has been embraced as the framework for the ICCA-Scandinavia chapter. Cities of Gothenburg and LuleƄ, Sweden, are now actively integrating this structure to better communicate the amazing and deep array of sustainability initiatives their communities boast.
The idea is pretty simple, but it's cool to see it being put to use.
Thanks for helping share the news and thank you for being such an inspirational advocate for sustainable practices!

Michael Luehrs