Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fired Up!

A couple of months back I posted about the issue of incineration and its implications for measuring event diversion. The lesson being to ask questions about what your convention destination and venue reports as diversion from landfill to ensure you can accurately understand and analyse your event waste stream. Make sure you confirm if your waste will be incinerated, and how that factors into diversion reporting.

I realise I didn't delve deeply into why this is important from an environmental perspective. To help shed light on this I'd like to share a recent article by Charlie Smith from the Georgia Strait, which dives deeper into the issue of incineration. The article is timely for the City of Vancouver as controversy continues to ensue about a plan to divert 500,000 tonnes of trash to a waste-to-energy facility. A paper published by seven University of British Columbia environmental science students has drummed up increased media attention about how the city is dealing with garbage. Their thesis: reduce first and look at other alternatives.

A great read for those interested in understanding some of the issues with incineration from the perspective of a destination considering this path.

Read more: Metro Vancouver waste-to-energy incinerator opponents fired up for a fight.
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