Sunday, 19 September 2010

Name that Destination

Sometimes work just follows you around on holidays. Sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way. So even my effort to get away from it all this summer, I couldn't help spotting examples of sustainable destinations at work. See if you can guess where I went...

Hint #1: This destination maintains a 65% average diversion from landfill, making it a national leader in waste management. Not only is that impressive, but check out their standard compost bins in public areas!

Even our beach cottage had a detailed guide about how to recycle and compost, providing receptacles for both.

Hint #2: The Wind Energy Institute of Canada has called this destination home for 25 years, providing a central research and testing ground for renewable energy. Tourists and engineering buffs alike can check out the 17 turbines in operation at WEIC's testing site and other smaller wind farms scattered about. Without significant hydro, coal or petroleum resources this destination is aiming to source 30% of power through renewables by 2016.

Hint #3: This destination IS local food. In fact, it has developed an entire niche tourism industry based on Flavour Trails that encourage visitors to visit farms, participate in local agriculture and eat a delicious harvest of island grown produce. Definitely no place for a dieter. And although not entirely local, the Dalvay sticky-date pudding is to die for.

Hint #4: Local artisans, unique cultures and craftspeople are still alive and well, including the stunning Evangeline region that remains true to it's Acadian roots, my roots.

If those aren't enough hints and you haven't cheated by clicking links, think potatoes, red sand and Anne of Green Gables. Prince Edward Island was a sustainable destination surprise.

Photos: Recycling centres, Cavendish Beach. WEIC, Tignish. Mont Carmel parish cemetery, Mont Carmel.

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