Thursday, 25 November 2010

Holiday Wish #1: Bring me a Destination That....

Are you a CVB wanting to know what simple sustainable features of your destination you should communicate to meeting planners? Well, you've come to the right place. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting my rather selfish and completely subjective list of "Sustainable things I wish CVBs and DMOs would let me know about BEFORE my meeting" Watch for more to come, and add your own!

Wish #1: Easy-access convention core.

Tell me how many rooms you have in reasonable walking distance of your convention center and major meeting venues. A 15 minute walk is a good rule of thumb to follow. I want to know because if I can find a city where all attendees can walk I know that will save money! A 3,500 person event can cut $60,000 in budget expenses by eliminating the need to shuttle attendees.

And what about attendees? Many welcome the fresh air after a day of sessions, and a chance to see the city. Those with mobility issues can also be willing to make their own way but be mindful that routes need to be clear from obstacles that might make use of a walker, scooter or wheelchair more difficult. So include information in your RFP response about accessibility options that are available.

It's also in your interest to fill me in on what makes your city easy to navigate by foot. More people strolling can mean less traffic congestion, air pollution from shuttles and more spill-over revenue to local businesses.

Not many room nights within a close walk of main meeting venues? Let me know how many are a single transit connection away. Talk to your civic transit authority to see if they may be willing to discount or donate transit passes to help attendees navigate the city. This could sweeten the deal if I can't house all participants nearby.

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Giselle Radulovic said...

Hi Shawna
All good points - another one to add is public transport from the airport to accommodation/convention centre. Sydney has an airport train line from the domestic and international terminals into the CBD, which means avoiding numerous coach transfers for delegates.