Sunday, 28 November 2010

Holiday Wish #2: Bring me a Destination That...

Wish#2: Has public transit connections between the airport and convention core.

A city with well integrated transit is helpful, but in all honesty the connection between the airport and convention core is key. If you have one flaunt it!

Also, pay attention to how friendly fare programs are to out-of-towners. Some cities have great train connections from the airport, but signage, confusing fare systems and lack of assistance from transit staff can make it next to impossible for new users to understand how to get from A to B.

It can help if you have a ready-made explanation of how to navigate transit that can be included on the event web site. Planners will do their part to share information, but need to know connections are safe, clean, reliable and easy to access.

Thanks to Giselle Radulovic for her comments and the inspiration for this wish!

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