Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Love. Not Loss.

Remember when you were a kid, and couldn't settle for someone else doing it for you? Not content to watch you wanted to be an active participant in sensing and experiencing the world. Sometimes it led to getting dirty, sometimes getting burned. Always learning the consequences and appreciating the experience directly. Unmediated. Personally.

I have a few childhood experiences I recall as very powerful ones. Most of them take place on the harbour where I spent many hours beach-combing, fishing, playing and discovering. A common feeling in my oldest memories is a sense of extreme happiness about being in this special place, mixed with sadness and loss where I saw it 'hurt' through things like pollution that left the shellfish unfit to eat. Out of the sadness comes a strong sense of protection and love for nature that I'm fairly certain has influenced me on the path I am today.


Spending time on the road, in hotels, convention centers and at meeting after meeting may seem a vast departure from this path. However, I have always felt sustainable meetings work has a strong connection with environmental education and positively empowering people to protect the planet in ways that have meaning for them. It happens on many levels, one of which is the power we have as event professionals to create an experience that changes lives, and causes people to act in a different way when granted a new appreciation of a relationship, place or issue. Ways that make people feel good about what they do so they are inspired to do better, rather than bad about what they don't do, or do wrong, and unmotivated to go further.

With that perspective in mind I wanted to post the following video in hopes that love and not loss will continue to propel us forward in all avenues we work.

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