Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Holiday Wish #4: Bring me a Destination that....

Wish #4: Has comprehensive recycling and composting infrastructure.

I will admit, this list is rather biased, and with this wish in particular, perhaps just a tad self-serving. Truth is, I am - like many - inherently lazy. Another truth is my ability to be lazy in my job is impeded by lack of available recycling and composting infrastructure in the cities where I meet! :)

The ability for different cities to recycle and compost varies greatly. Different factors such as available infrastructure and local government regulation can support or discourage more responsible waste management. I encourage CVBs to share basic information about recycling infrastructure in their RFP responses. Tell me:

  • What materials your venues can recycle locally.
  • If venues can compost organic waste, including disposable serviceware.
  • What your average civic diversion rate from landfill is.
  • If your venue can track an event-specific waste stream.

CVBs should be aware that in some cities, waste management is a cost issue. It is not uncommon for cities to charge less to haul recyclables and organics than trash. The cost difference per ton may be a few dollars or a few hundred. It depends on the city. These costs are ultimately passed on to planners. Knowing your venues are able to divert a high amount of waste through recycling and composting can reduce land-filling costs.

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