Monday, 21 February 2011

Game On!

A whirlwind day at the GMIC Sustainable Meetings Conference. It is indeed Game On for the crew of inspiring event sustainability leaders gathered in Portland Oregon this week! It's been fascinating to learn from peers in this movement over many years, and in just the first day of this annual conference! You have so much to offer and your passion is inspiring.

You challenge all in the sustainable destination movement to:
  • Create a compelling vision of what is possible to inspire cohesive action.
  • Identify specific, measurable and actionable objectives to move this vision forward.
  • Ask difficult and controversial questions, such as how the face of destination marketing will change if oil prices were to rise to $200 per barrel and only 5 airlines were to remain in Europe. Read more.
  • Channel human experiences in a way that creates a return on relationships and memorable destination stories for visitors, recognizing that people want to connect to communities on a personal level.
  • Collaborate across destinations to share best practices and create alliances that can support a sustainable destination economy and overall improvements to local quality of life.
  • Think outside of the boundaries of traditional destination marketing to establish partnerships within cities to realize a fuller potential for tourism and events, contributing to local improvements and opportunities, healthy citizens and skilled, valuable employees.
  • Be transparent about the costs and benefits of travel to engender trust and credibility.
  • Stand up and be counted for the important contribution you make to business, environmental and social sustainability through the services you provide!
I invite those of you not here in Portland this week to join us! You can follow on Twitter #gmic. Rise to the occasion and become engineers in building better communities!

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