Monday, 21 February 2011

GMIC Case Study Cafe

Day one at the GMIC conference and we're collaborating, case studying, curve balling and causing general chaos!

The event is using a team-based gaming model and my team has been wading into the process of destination selection for our hypothetical oil and gas company event we're planning. Here are our options:
In addition to being affordable the destination should:
  • Offer a community project that ties in with renewable and alternative energy.
  • Have a smaller environmental impact in terms of waste management, energy use and emissions as a priority, relative to other options.
  • Provide venues and vendors that can measure and report on sustainability impacts, especially waste, energy and emissions.
The event hosts 2000 people, primarily coming from Calgary and Houston, in addition to a small group from Nigeria.

If you were us, who would you choose?

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