Monday, 4 April 2011

Loving these name badges....

Aren't they the coolest? Anyone with a sewing machine and a thrift store nearby could make these! (Click to enlarge)

Handmade from discarded silk ties and reclaimed plastic veggie containers. Badges printed on 30% post-consumer recycled content stock, including a mini-program on the back. We're going to have a hard time collecting them for re-use at Canada Media Marketplace, even though we'll try. Everyone wants to keep them!

Would welcome other cool and unique ideas for making name badges from reclaimed materials!


Judy Kucharuk said...

We all want to ask "who made them?" They are pretty cool.

Judy Kucharuk

Shawna McKinley said...

Oh dear - should have said to begin with so thanks for asking! They were originally introduced in 2009 at the event and made by Toronto-based artist James Fowler. This year Tourism Richmond sponsored them, but the original concept was brought forward by Tourism Ontario.