Friday, 29 April 2011

Short Film Friday: Today

Thanks Jonathan Harris, for helping us to remember:
  • To stop and be aware of life as it's passing.
  • Life is not a hunt. It is a walkabout.
  • Certainty is rare. You just never really know.
  • Your greatest creation is your life story.
  • The process of growing up makes you realise there is so much more that you don't know, compared to what you thought you knew before.
  • Life can take on a performative quality.
  • Sometimes, projects run your life, rather than life running your projects.
  • Take time to reflect and process the experience.
  • You need privacy. Space. In order to contemplate, and grow.

1 comment:

Nancy J. (Wilson) Zavada, CMP said...

Thank you for Short Film Friday! Life seen through a lens focuses your mind on the present and the small details while enabling unbridled creativity. Fascinating project.