Friday, 22 April 2011


So it's Earth Day. Are you planting a tree? Running a promotion at your company that gives back to the planet? Adding a green experience to your special event? All good and noble things that help make a difference.

Me? I've decided I'm going to call my parents. And I'm going to say 'thanks'.

Thanks for:
  • Taking me to the beach so I could swim even though I couldn't walk.
  • Packing up us kids in the Volvo to go camping, even if it was only a few kilometers from home.
  • Letting me take over a patch of the yard to try to grow a vegetable September.
  • Making me walk to the bus stop and, yes, take the bus.
  • Indulging my pleas to have a fish tank, even when I didn't always clean it and would sob when I had to bury casualties I'd caused.
  • Signing my permission slip to travel abroad at 13 to see how the rest of the world lives.
My parents have taught me the greatest Earth Day lesson:
Your direct experience of the world - it's births, lives and deaths - cultivates an appreciation of that which connects us and sustains us.

So, thanks, Mum and Dad. Happy Earth Day. Everyday.

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