Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Be an Ocean Hero

Think you have to don a wet suit and clean up a beach to do your part this World Ocean's Day? Well, it would help, but there are easier and possibly less Vaseline-intensive ways for event professionals to show their passion for protecting the oceans:
  • Choose sustainable seafood for your events.
  • Use less plastic, and recycle that which you can't go without.
  • Request hotels and venues use non-toxic cleaners, keeping chemicals from waste water.
  • Ensure hazardous event materials like batteries, paints or adhesives are properly disposed of so they don't find their way back to waterways.
  • Cut back on emissions by any means to prevent ocean acidification: choose locations closer to your attendees, turn off lights, promote transit and select vendor partners that have energy conservation programs.
Be an Ocean Hero by adding an ocean-friendly event tip or taking Oceana's World Ocean Day Pledge.

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