Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Today police are searching a town about an hour's drive from were I live for a stabbing suspect. Was there a domestic dispute you ask? Or maybe some kind of gang activity?


A man asked a group of people to pick up some litter they'd tossed beside a garbage can on a street corner. And when they didn't do as asked, he went to do it himself and was assaulted.

Shocking. Sad. Would I walk up to a group of four people and ask them to do the same? I'm not so sure. And if I did, I confess I'd be scared. Scared about what acting on my values might risk, and how it might hurt me.

With all we demand of people who put what is responsible, ethical and sustainable first it strikes me in this and other examples that what we need most of all these days is fearlessness. Fearlessness to say:
  • There is a better way to do things.
  • This is not okay with me.
  • This is causing harm, is unfair or irresponsible.
  • You have a role to play in making it better.
Last night Paul Hawken addressed the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver with a sobering statement:

Hope less -- What we need now is fearlessness because times are so extraordinary.

In today's world where you risk so much standing up for your values, are you prepared to be fearless? What does that look like to you?

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