Thursday, 23 February 2012

16 FREE sustainable event tools you can use right now

Believe nothing in life comes for free? There's always a string attached? Think again! Right here, right now you can get free help with your sustainable event. No memberships. No cost.

And you know what that reason to procrastinate!
  1. Save carbon by finding the closest destination to your attendees.
  2. Find out which event destinations are the greenest, (registration required to score your city for its sustainable event offerings).
  3. Measure the benefits of printing your event program - or anything really - using post-consumer recycled content paper.
  4. Estimate the environmental savings of reusing and recycling your exhibit carpet and find a place to recycle it.
  5. Find event venues around the world who have verified sustainable practices.
  6. Write an event sustainability policy.
  7. Create a waste management plan for your event (registration required).
  8. Find out where to recycle any material anywhere in the USA. 
  9. Locate a greener transportation provider for your event.
  10. Use a GRI Reporting template for your event.
  11. Find a food bank to take your left over food in Canada or the USA.
  12. Choose a better type of seafood for your banquets.
  13. Find local growers in North America. 
  14. Recycle your event's e-waste.
  15. Translate your carbon savings into everyday terms that attendees understand.
  16. Calculate your event or event business' carbon footprint here, here, here or here.
Have a free sustainable event tool or know of one? Please comment!

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