Saturday, 18 February 2012

How to Attain Hotel Elite Status, by Shawna McKinley

The New York Times recently published an informative summary of what it takes to attain hotel elite status.

In response I'd like to offer my own version.


Rather than staying a minimum number of nights, how about I agree to help you, my favourite hotel, to cut your costs and you reward me each time I stay?

My end of the bargain, I'll agree to:
  • Participate in your towel and sheet reuse program that your housekeepers actually follow through on.
  • Never use the bottled water you leave in my room unless I really need to in which case I'll pay for it.
  • Bring and use my own coffee mug so you can stop buying those foam plastic disposable ones.
  • Turn off the lights and the television when I leave my room.
  • Do whatever you need me to do (or not do) to that computer on the wall that controls the HVAC to make sure I'm an energy efficient guest in your climate.
  • Sort my recyclables in my room in whatever means is necessary to make sure they stay out of landfill in your city.
  • Not touch that pad of paper you leave me to write on.
  • Decline newspaper delivery to my room.
And in return there is one little tiny benefit I'd like, if you don't mind:
  • Free, fast wireless service for any electronic device I might have in my room.
I figure this is a fair bargain. After all, I imagine the combined financial benefit of reduced water and energy use and not having to buy as much bottled water, disposable cups, newspaper, notepads, replacement bulbs, etc. should add up to roughly what you charge me for the 'net connection.

What do you say? Maybe we can come up with a point-system I earn each time I'm an Elite Green Guest?

So please, forget the free bottled water, newspaper, dedicated check-in lines and free tickets to shows. Let me be me when I stay with you. I promise to Twitter in green glee at your reduced footprint options, also happy that I'm not paying for wireless at your property.

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Paul Salinger said...

I see a new initiative for OpenWorld coming :-)

Love this.