Thursday, 8 March 2012

Water Karma

I try to be a good water-conserving citizen.

Ellie, my cherished tumbler, has logged many miles onsite at events with me. In fact, since I was gifted her I reckon she's kept over 525 coffee cups and even more water bottles out of the landfill. Not bad, little Ellie! I also use my four minute shower timer from EventCamp Vancouver. Hair-washing day is a bit of a challenge though: thick long hair sucks up soap like a sponge and takes forever to rinse out.

Ellie :) Packed and ready for the road!

Even though I try through small steps like these, I still have a ways to go to be water wise. I could drive less. Eat less meat. Turn off lights and unplug appliances. There are many ways to reduce water use you might not even be aware of!

So this month I'm getting serious about it.

Today I'm starting a WATER KARMA jar. Consider it like a swear jar, except instead of adding a quarter every time you swear, you add one for every time you waste water.

Where's the money going? To support something that will pay for my water sins, of course! All quarters earned through April 21 will be donated to the GMIC's One Drop Challenge.

I challenge you to commit to your own water-wise changes, and where you can't to donate some Water Karma of your own!

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