Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fly a Kite? Join the Circus?: Montreal-style #CSR at #GMIC

Fly a kite?
Join the circus?
Take part in a special event CSR project?
Why yes, please!

Green Meeting Industry Council Sustainable Meetings Conference participants were treated to a tour of La TOHU in Montreal today. La TOHU is a non-profit organisation founded by En Piste (the national association of circus arts), the National Circus School and Cirque du Soleil. In addition to being a gathering place for circus arts and training, La TOHU hosts ecology tours, community service and art workshops all of which are directed at supporting the surrounding neighbourhood of Saint-Michel. 

GMIC participants get an orientation to the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex
Pretty much the coolest interactive interpretive display EVER
Checking out the 'circus tent'
"Where do you keep the lions?"
La Tohu is LEED Gold certified, including a ground water cooling system
Lantern making gets underway
Roger Simons carefully dissects his Canada Dry
Yes Amanda, you have to chug it first
"It's not CSR until someone gives blood"
Lanterns will be given away at La Tohu's Fire Festival
Fruits of our labour
Nancy Zavada goes organic
Arts and crafts for kites begins
DYI kites from recycled La Tohu programs and newspapers
Pedro Rocha dos Santos breaks the mold
More mold breaking!
Inspired kite making
Amy Koch finishes her kite
Diana Graling's work of art
Flying high! Well, soon anyways
Up-cycled lanterns

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