Wednesday, 6 June 2012

13 signs your event organization may need a sustainability policy

Walking the tradeshow floor at IMEX last month I was visually struck by how many destinations and event companies use 'green' branding in their booths. It gave me pause to wonder: how many have a sustainability strategy and how many are merely capitalising on 'green' trends? Do they actively participate in ensuring the sustainability of environmental and social aspects of their brand? Some definitely do (including some of those below), but I expect many don't. So in honour of that: a new list!

Your destination or event organisation may need a 
sustainability policy if you:

1. Include photos of beautiful natural spaces 
in your branded materials.

Brandenburg: "A convention state by nature. A perfect environment for perfect conferences."
Argentina: "Beats to your rhythm. Natural."

2. Mention the environment or culture in your tag line. 

Norway: "Powered by Nature."

3. Sell a 'green' product line.

PC/Nametag Eco-badge options on display

4. Tout an eco-label, certification or affiliation 
with a sustainability credential.

Darmstadtium: "An Atmosfair Climate-Friendly Event Location."

Congress Allianz: "Green Globe Certified."

5. Talk about sustainable practices, products or 
attractions on your web site.

DB Bahn: ""

6. Talk about sustainable practices, products or 
attractions at your booth.

Accor Hotels: "Planet 21" Booth statement

7. Encourage customers to connect with local communities.

Iceland: Local Knowledge Guide

8. Feature cultural icons in your branding.

Malaysia: Traditional peacock dancer (photo: IMEX Social Media Team)

9. Use trees or images of them in your exhibit booth.

Costa Rica

10. Have photos of the earth in your ads.

Houston: "We Have a Solution."
Congress Allianz

11. Include any 'green' clip art symbols in your ads.

Tourism Montreal: "You are so close: Sustainable Development."

12. Use the words 'green', 'csr', 'eco' or 'enviro' in your collateral.

"Green" Stand Contractor
NH Hotels: "Ecomeeting"
Meetings Made in Germany: "Green Travel", "Thinking of Tomorrow", "Less Carbon Footprint", "Corporate Social Responsibility"

13. Produce a publication that runs a story about sustainability.

CIM: "#revolt"

Are you seeing any of these signs at your meeting or event organisation? If you are and haven't developed one, check out this blog post on how to create your own sustainability policy. You just might need one before someone asks about it!

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