Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A seriously simple sustainable event practice

Look closely.

You're seeing some good sustainable catering steps forward: bulk cream and reusable mugs.

But you may also be witnessing a missed opportunity.

It's helpful many hotels and venues are becoming increasingly attuned to putting out reusable mugs. Yet at the same time they often provide back-up to go cups, just in case attendees need them. What impact could we have if we eliminated the "just-in-case-to-go" cups from standard break service?

A potentially huge one! Why? Many attendees will reach for the to go cup even if they're staying and could use a mug. This is because it can often look like it holds a bit more and attendees may not feel certain they can take a mug into a session space, even though they're staying on property and stewarding staff refresh rooms.  In some instances to go cups may even hold more and encourage higher beverage consumption, which can impact budgets.

So what say you? Should the to-go cup remain a choice? Would you be inconvenienced if the option disappeared? Have you already eliminated it? Any complaints? Any savings? Sound off!