Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Meet and try to do good. That's really what I do.

Can you explain a difficult idea using only the thousand most used words in the English language? If you’ve not encountered the Up-Goer Five Text Editor check it out, pick an idea, and try.

I recently attempted to describe what I do--sustainable event management--using the editor. Was not an easy task! The process highlighted just how jargon-filled my fields of work are. Incidentally, some words you can’t use: event, objective, impact, effect, result, measure, travel, economy, industry, association, responsible, sustain, planet, earth, and environment. 

What have I learnt? That I either have to dedicate my life to making these words more common, or try to simplify how I communicate! I think I’ll choose the latter.

“Sustainable Event Management” via The Up-Goer Five Text Editor:

People get together when they want to talk, learn, have fun, share and buy things. Sometimes they do this in person and sometimes through computers. There is a world of business set up just to help us meet. 

The business of meeting has a lot of parts. There are planning parts, building parts, going and coming parts, speaking parts, staying parts, eating parts, playing parts and many other parts that help people to meet.

I look at all the meeting parts and how they do good and bad to us and where we live, and good and bad to other people and where they live. It is my job to think, act and see if we can do better to each other and the places we care about when we meet.

Sometimes this is easy. We can use fewer things. We can do nice things for others and give things away to people who need them. Especially food. We eat a LOT of food when we meet. We also throw a lot of food out we could order less of, or give away.

Sometimes this is hard. Especially with the coming and going. It takes lots of power to come and go to meet. And the power we use can cause bad things if it makes the place we live in change too much. These changes can hurt us, or other people like us far away. If you try to slow the change and change yourself it can be better for all. And this can cause newer and better ways to meet!

Meet and try to do good. That’s really what I do.

Would love to see others share the Up-Goer Five version of their event or sustainability-related idea or job!

Background: Science in Ten-Hundred Words: The Up-Goer Five Challenge, Scientific American

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