Wednesday, 13 February 2013

24 Ways for #Eventprofs to celebrate #GenerosityDay

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Every day we show up. We have an opportunity to contribute something. To choose to lend an ear, offer an idea, suggest a solution, deliver a note of encouragement and, in some cases, maybe even the gift of money. Our generosity may be little, or big. It may happen at work, home or somewhere in between. We may never know if it matters, or just how much it matters.

This Valentine's Day I'd like to challenge those in the event industry to ditch the dozen roses and box of chocolates for two dozen acts of Generosity. Acts that connect us to each other in simple, daily, real and meaningful ways that make the work we do particularly rewarding.
  1. Hand write a thank you card to suppliers whose service you are grateful for.
  2. Agree to mentor a student or new event professional.
  3. Appreciate your key influencers on social media (Sasha Dichter I'm looking at you for the inspiration for this post!).
  4. Recommend a colleague on Linkedin.
  5. Buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you (and if you're at a Tim Horton's, don't gripe too much if they roll up the rim and win).
  6. Share a helpful resource developed by someone else in gratitude for the work they do. Here's one or two that "green" event folks may find interesting.
  7. Leave a tip for your hotel housekeeper. 
  8. Clean out your event supply cupboard and donate any quality items to a local charity.
  9. Give some of your professional advice away for free. Like these great free sustainable event tools!
  10. Donate money to a charity you feel does great work. Greg Ruby has some helpful suggestions for event folks in his recent blog post.
  11. Stop and spend time helping someone on your event team solve a problem.
  12. Make time onsite to personally thank the temp staff.
  13. Host a volunteer appreciation on the last day of your event. 
  14. Instead of a traditional speaker gift, make a donation on behalf of your speakers to a charity that aligns with their work.
  15. Fill in an event evaluation and offer a compliment and constructive idea for improvement.
  16. In turn, review your event evaluations and sincerely consider, incorporate and reward participant feedback! 
  17. Opt for the fair trade coffee option. 
  18. Compliment a worker for outstanding service on the job.
  19. Send long-time exhibitors a personal thank you on important anniversaries of participating in your trade show.
  20. Fill your left over conference bags with toiletries and provide them to a homeless shelter.
  21. Or if you're using backpacks, fill them with school supplies and donate them to a school or boys and girls club.
  22. Tally up your air travel miles and purchase an offset to support renewable energy alternatives.
  23. Offer a bursary program to help those in need attend your event.
  24. Take time to do something you love for yourself. Even if it's not event-related!
May your generosity come back to you, twenty-four-fold!


Anonymous said...

Shawna - what a great idea! I hope we can crowdsource eventprofs to fill the list today! I'll do 2 & 18!

Shawna McKinley said...

That would be great Mariela - thank you! I'm working on a plan for #21 for an event a few months away as I type!

Anonymous said...

Great post Shawna:

I love a handwritten note so I have a soft spot for #1 on the list.

There is nothing more exciting or special than receiving a thank you note in the mail - I cherish them.

Judy Kucharuk